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Now, and he felt difficulty

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On the winter night, he put the finished red tea cup on the table at the bed, turned off the light, and closed his eyes. But there seemed to be something around him, vaguely, and there seemed to be a pair of cold hands covering his neck. He was shocked and turned on the desk lamp. The yellow light illuminates the surroundings. The goose bump sound gradually disappeared, and the feeling of being caught on the neck disappeared. He turned off the light and lay down. "What a strange thing..." He groaned, and then he slammed a huge chill on his body. It seems to be very similar to the strange things happening in the neighborhood in the past few days... There is always something in the kitchen for the sound of foraging Marlboro Lights, and the tableware is sometimes overturned automatically. ��Isn��t the urban legend of the ��Prankster�� come true?�� He thought, the body subconsciously shrank into the bed, but at this time, there was an inexplicable voice! There was a faint laughter from the ear, and it was mixed with the cry of the baby. He felt that his neck was more powerfully gripped by the one he had just now, and he felt difficulty breathing. He jerked up and turned on the light. As if he should be like him, there was a clear, but very close scream, and then it was silent. He was cold sweat on his body, grabbed a pair of scissors from the bed and turned off the lights quickly, and then the whole person indented into the quilt. The room was silent, the darkness was like a gel, and everything was sticky together. Even the sound, and a little moonlight are no exception. Darkness, silence makes people afraid of a long, long time, maybe fifteen minutes, or an hour Marlboro Red. There was no sound, and even the loud snoring of his father did not sound. It seems that everything is over. He dared to poke out an eye from the quilt and see if there was anything "thing outside." After confirming that nothing was done, he carefully reached out and tried to put the scissors down. His hand seemed to touch a hard, cold object, and then slammed, and the thing fell to the ground. It was his red cup on the table. He was shocked and had to hand in his quilt before he could put the scissors down. He seemed to be alarmed, and as the quilt landed, the strange voice reappeared. The footsteps were far away, then slowly approached, and the hallway echoed the heavy gasping of the thing. There was a feeling of being caught again on his neck. He then curled up again, his hands folded over his stomach, shivering like a hedgehog. The laughter of the woman, the cry of the baby rang again, and the huge tree shadow outside the window was like a beast of hunting, covering the last moonlight. The burning of the stomach generally hurts Online Cigarettes. "Damn, at this time..." His voice shuddered, as if Shura had come to his eyes. He couldn't help but wonder if the food in the school cafeteria had a problem recently, and his stomach hurt several times. But there was no pain that was as painful as this time. The door slammed and slowly opened. The burly shadow made a heavy gasp and approached his bed. Then, pick up his quilt with one hand. "Save... save me..." He whispered in his throat "How can I still not sleep?" His father heard the sound of the cup landing and came to the house. The father opened the lamp while opening his quilt. The cat in his house made a sound of approximating a woman's smirk, with the mouse in the kitchen in the past few days. The rat is still not dead, and the screaming screams is like a baby crying and crying. The jade worn on his neck had not been taken, and his neck was pulled out with a red mark; a sharp scissors was inserted into his belly by himself, and the blood was stained with a sheet of paper. His eyes were wide and his eyes were horrified.
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