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Cold rolling mill rolls brands

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Equipped with one of the best intermediate roll brands, Kaida Roll Group is one of competitive 6 HI mill rolls manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to visit our website.
Cold rolling mill intermediate Roll applies to high precision 6-Hi
(as well as a few 8-Hi) mill, named from working location between work roll and back-up roll, mainly used to control the shape of strip. Material specification of 2%Cr, 3%Cr, 5%Cr, Semi-High Speed Steel are available.
Table.1 Physical Performances
Symbol Hardness Hardness Uniformity Depth of hardness Size
9Cr2Mo 85-102 HSD 3HSD 8~15mm ¢200-600mm
MC3 85-102HSD 3HSD 15-30mm ¢200-1000mm
MC5 85-102HSD 3HSD 20-40mm ¢300-1000mm
Table.2 Roll Applications
Symbol Type of material Application for cold mills
9Cr2Mo 2%Cr Work rolls for general 4 HI mill
MC3 3% Cr Work rolls and intermediate rolls for reverse cold mills.
MC5 5% Cr Work rolls for tandem mill and skin pass mil
Cold Rolling Mill Rolls brands
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