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Ask the flower growers at

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This is a cuckoo with two pots of height, shape and color. Even the flower pot that lives in the flower tree is exactly the same white glaze. The flower buds of Du Fu, when the leaves are turned into a yellow butterfly flying only, are full of trees, and they are pinched by their hands, hard like a small green nucleus. Gradually, I don��t know how many days, the green nucleus fluffed up, and then dared not touch it, only staring at its increasingly soft, growing flower buds, revealing a blush in the opening, like a great Beauty Shih Tzu has a sick red on his face when he is holding his heart. But I don't know if this red, when can I faint the beautiful and unparalleled cheeks? And this cuckoo, when willing to be happy, a smile, waiting, waiting, the leaves are dying, the snowflakes are flying, the heating is released. Du Fu, without first telling, there is no warning, just like the fireworks that burst in the sky, a cluster of purple rhododendrons are in full bloom! I stood in the living room with great surprise, and looked at the red color of this pot carefully, and looked at the pot of the pot. When I slept last night, they were still hung down their heads, and they were too shy. Today, in the early morning, how can they be generous and smile on their backs? Then Marlboro Red, I began to walk around the two pots of rhododendrons. What speed is it when the flowers bloom? I couldn't help but ask the flower growers at home Cheap Cigarettes. "Have you observed the change of the night before the opening of the flower bones?" Observed, but did not observe overnight. "Do you know the speed when the flowers are open? It is spread at a constant speed, without traces, slowly. When you find out, it is already a big one, or at the last moment, there is also an amazing speed of explosion?" It can be said that it is not good. Anyway, in every room, there are many wonderful and unclear questions Newport Cigarettes. He pondered for a little while and said, "I think, most of the time, it is elegant, sturdy, and open, and at the last moment, the speed of opening will be amazing because they To break free, work hard! Just like a marathon run, the middle is at a constant speed, and at the last minute, you have to go all out and sprint to the finish. Although I don't know if his statement is consistent with the open rules of flowers, I believe it! You said, why is it blooming in winter? It is not a plum. This is amazing! "The natural growth of rhododendrons, the flower season is in the spring, the two pots of our family are cultivated in the flower buds. The flower sellers have been adjusted for the flowering period. Together with the heating, the interior is like spring, and the azaleas are opened." "How can you not even know how to express this common sense?" "Is this not a real flower?" "I just laughed. She walked close to the cuckoo and sniffed and said, "No fragrance, no fake." "But, there is no smell in the azaleas! And, she touched the petals with her hand, stroked the leaves of the oval oval, and shouted - your house's azaleas are really open, friends go. After that, I was so distressed that I accidentally touched the cuckoo red, and lamented the fragility of the flower, just touch it gently, and there were countless reds. I picked up a handful of red and put it into the flower pot so that they could complete the fateful reincarnation - Turning into a spring mud and protecting flowers, my family's flower growers smiled and said: "This flower is too delicate and spoiled. You can't be too good for them. You need to freeze it on the balcony occasionally, so that you can keep the flowering longer. "Is this the case? From a room with more than 20 degrees to a balcony with only a few degrees, will the temperature difference be too much to freeze it? When I wake up in the morning, I rushed to the balcony to visit them. What did I see!" The two pots of the azaleas are full of red flowers, and even the flowers that are about to be wilted yesterday have re-emerged, as if they have never been sick before. This is true! The longevity and exuberance of life requires occasional "Frozen on a frozen" will do.
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